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You to be able to express your individuality and your true expression through painting. When colors, brush strokes and composition come together in a beautiful symphony we call a painting, you fall in love. It's a kind of love that is boundless and free. I feel fortunate and blessed to be able to reach that freedom of expression when I paint now. Where busy mind steps away and gives way to creative expression. I can show you how to achieve that freedom in your abstract expression of who you are.

Are you ready? Let's play! 

Classes are offered in the privacy of your home or your studio. In our first phone or in person meeting, I'll go over the details and will provide you with a short list of supplies to order or buy from store. Classes are one hour or more each session and can be personalized based on your availability and time. 

I offer 2 packages of 5 and 10.

Click here to set up a time to chat! 

Woman Painting
Holding a Paintbrush
Paint Tubes
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